Hailing from Oslo, Norway, the bands first endeavour came all the way from down under Australia. hubbabubbaklubb’s first release ‘Mopedbart’ was released by the Australian label Death Strobe in 2013. It was a very limited 7 inch, which soon got some attention from tastemakers around the globe. After a longer hiatus, the group returned in 2017 with an even more limited 12-inch named ‘Tomme Lommer’ and soon after a 7-inch named ’Eddie & Suzanne’. Only this time on the Norwegian label Snorkel Records. All three tracks also include beautiful videos made by the band themselves which is well worth heating som popcorn over. hubbabubbaklubb is rumoured to be a solid and theatrical live band and has played everything from small basements to the biggest festivals in Norway and abroad. They are also resident dj’s at some of Oslo’s finest clubs and venues which often stars everyones favourite dj or live act. hubbabubbaklubb (which is correctly written in all lower case) has released their debut album “Drømmen Drømmerne Drømmer” this year on Snorkel Records.


Ollis Hergum, better known as Olefonken is a music producer & DJ from Oslo, Norway. A founding member of the cult-band hubbabubbaklubb, a longstanding resident DJ at Jaeger Oslo and one half of the duo behind the label Snorkel Records.

Those in the know may also recognise him as the man behind Sure Sivert, a mythical mixtape series of forgotten gems unearthed from the very depths of the Norwegian musical canon.

Olefonken was born outside Oslo, but spent much of his childhood in Botswana, which has influenced both his bright sonic palette and sauntering groove as a drummer. He currently spends his days in a studio collective in central Oslo, which he shares with artists like Todd Terje, Lindstrøm and Susanne Sundfør.


There have been many rumours about Raaja Bones throughout the years. It would be true to say that a figure like him is hard to describe, so since we can’t confirm the rumours, what do we really know about this elusive figure?

What we do know is that he’s been living in a wooden shack converted to an otherworldly sound lab in the forest an hours drive north of Oslo. Here he has been making music for years, but for his ears only.

Fate would have it that we met Raaja whilst trekking, and two pots of tea later we headed home with our backpacks full of golden chanterelle and a signed piece of cloth giving Snorkel access to Raajas vast collection of unreleased music. 2019 will see several selections from Raaja’s repertoire on Snorkel Records.

The work of Otio Yüng spans an array of media, from poetry to intervention, through performance, music, re-appropriation and painting.

He started of as a graffiti writer in the late 90s before crossing over to the more conceptual and figurative style as his interest for the links between surrealism and anarchism grew. His work is also marked by his affiliation with various collaborative practices, from his involvement with AfA, Colectivo Sur, and to his writings for Neofytt Forlag. Today he is most known for his collaborative works with Snorkel Records