In 1975 the Norwegian director and photographer Arild Kristo released his iconic road movie, Eddie & Suzanne. A classic love story about Eddie, an ex-convict from Oslo, and Suzanne, the daughter of a Swedish police chief, the film follows the couple as they elope to France to escape Suzanne’s tyrannical father.

Eddie & Suzanne was inspired by films like Bonnie and Clyde and Easy Rider, and has been called a modernist classic of Norwegian cinema. It became Arild Kristo's first and only feature film as director.

42 years later, the Norwegian cult band hubbabubbaklubb present their tribute to Kristo’s magnum opus in the form of a brand new eponymous track. Mirroring the insouciant spirit of the film itself, hubbabubbaklubb’s ‘Eddie & Suzanne’ takes the sauntering groove and off-kilter synths heard on previous releases and adds a softly infectious vocal line. Accompanying the song is a music video collage made up of scenes from the original film, continuing the on-the-road romance first seen in the visuals for the band’s defining hit ‘Mopedbart.’


The record’s B-side features another fresh release: the warm and watery ’Virkelighet’, an ode to poetic idealism and sunny-sounding, washed-out chords.

‘Eddie & Suzanne’ will be released on a limited 7-inch vinyl on Snorkel Records on 1 November 2017.