Music videos are traditionally made for a specific track, with the audio guiding the development of the visuals. But the new video from Norway’s Olefonken, directed by Thea Hvistendahl of Oslo-based film collective Frokost Film, flipped the process on its head: Originally made for another band who jumped ship after deeming the clip too weird, Olefonken was brought onboard to score a new version

The result - ‘Quaaludes’ - is a slow-burning exploration of sordid secrets and suppressed desire. “The project ended up being more like conventional film-making, where the composer makes music inspired by the pictures, instead of the other way around,” says Hvistendahl. “It turned out to be something of a crossover between a music video and a short film.”

In the film, we follow a family of four, all straining to keep up appearances while secretly harbouring guilty pleasures and desires. From mild exhibitionism to outright promiscuity, they all end up being caught red-handed – throwing into question their existence as the perfect nuclear family.

Scene by scene, Olefonken composed a track as chilly and evocative as the visuals themselves. Perfecting a sound displayed on previous releases, it features twinkling melodies and luminous synth washes layered over a slick, sauntering groove – with subdued vocals provided by upcoming Norwegian singer Ary.